Move Forward with Your Life After Divorce


Learn to build your confidence and social circles to bring meaning and joy back to your life.

Move Forward with Your Life After Divorce

Learn to build your confidence and social circles to bring meaning and joy back to your life.
Post-Divorce Support
In the New York City Area

You’ve completed the divorce but “now what?” How do you take the positive steps you need to build your life and find happiness.

This is where I can help. I provide support, understanding and resources to get you moving forward. My services include: being “by your side” with text support, meeting face-to-face to listen and understand how to get the next steps in place for you and also group meetings where you meet others going through the same stage of life.


I can be available to you via text daily from 9am-9pm with the text support package of up to 50 messages per month for a set fee.

For an urgent feeling in your post-divorce life, just text. Examples of messages from past clients:
-“How can I get through today?”
-“I feel lonesome today”
-“I am angry about my divorce”


Let’s sit down and figure out where you are post-divorce, and where you’d like to be in your future.

Yes, life moves on after divorce, but it can be very difficult. For a set hourly rate, we can meet and just focus on you and your needs. Day and hours are flexible. A couple of examples of past sessions include: going shopping for clothes to wear on a date, helping someone feel able to sleep after a heart-to-heart talk. 


We laugh. We share stories. We even cry sometimes. But, most of all, in group meetings we find confidence by knowing other people who are going through the same post-divorce struggles.

I lead the group with post-divorce topics and we take turns sharing how we view the topic. It’s a safe place to share and listen.

Lori Lowe

Previously I managed a tax and accounting data branch office followed by fifteen hectic years raising two sons. Since divorcing from a 20 year marriage I have become a volunteer crisis counselor on ‘Crisis Text Line’, and an active birth doula in addition to my “doula” work in divorce support.

I offer comprehensive support options to bring you through this painful journey to a new place of joy and possibilities.

“One of my greatest joys is to just be present for someone in this uniquely difficult time. Seeing someone grow from the experience of divorce is my goal. Having been there myself and made all kinds of discoveries and mistakes along the way is what I bring to you.”

Frequently Provided Support:
You don’t have to deal with these issues alone.

Talking over your feelings around divorce


Managing your emotions and fears


Providing motivation to get out of bed and take care of yourself


Finding social contacts


Addressing individual problems


Finding a purpose


Learning how to talk about your feelings


Writing an online dating profile


Managing your finances


What my clients are saying

"After Divorce Too helped me find new friends that understand how I feel."

-Susan, Upper East Side

"After Divorce Too gave me a reason to get up, get dressed and show up to our meeting. It's a great start."

– V, Long Island City


"After Divorce Too has helped me deal with difficult times among family and friends after my divorce."

-Karin, Mid-town


"At meetings for After Divorce Too we discuss books we read about divorce and learn from each other. It's been very comforting."

-A. Brone, The Bronx


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